Transporting vintage motorcycles requires extra care and planning to ensure they arrive at their destination in the same condition they were sent Motorcycles Are Safely Shipped.

This article details the standard procedures motorcycle shippers follow to carefully load and unload classic bikes when shipping them over land or by sea.

Preparing the Motorcycle for Shipping

Before a classic motorcycle can be loaded onto a truck or container, it must be properly prepared. The fuel tank is usually drained and any accessories like saddlebags or windshields are removed if possible to reduce the bike’s overall size and weight.

Additionally, tires may be deflated slightly to help prevent flat-spotting during transport. Lubrication of moving parts like the drive chain helps protect them from corrosion.

Securing Loose Components

Any pieces that could come loose, such as mirrors, license plates or lights, are fastened down securely. Sidecovers, turn signals and other plastic bodywork are wrapped in protective foam padding or covered with a breathable fabric like burlap to shield them from impacts and scratches. The front forks may be taped in place to minimize suspension movement.

Applying Protective Wrapping

Once disassembly is finished, plastic shrink wrap or a reinforced cargo cover is stretched over the entire motorcycle and fastened with straps or tape below. This forms a tight, weatherproof seal to keep out moisture and debris while shipping.

On ocean-going containers, a desiccant packet is sometimes included inside the wrap to absorb excess humidity.

Loading Procedures

With the bike fully prepared, it’s now ready for safe loading. Professional shippers follow standardized techniques to load motorcycles in a layered, organized fashion inside trucks, trailers and containers.

Anchoring to the Floor – Motorcycles Are Safely Shipped

Straps or padded chains first secure the motorcycle tightly to the vehicle floor through its frame, engine mounts or swingarm. Its sidestand, if removable, is taken off to get it as low and stable as possible during transport.

Custom-fitted wooden boards may be placed under the wheels or along the frame rails if extra protection is required.

Motorcycles Are Safely Shipped – Stacking Multiple Bikes

When hauling several motorcycles, they are carefully stacked with foam cushions in between each layer. The weight of bikes above helps hold everything steady for long-distance trips.

Lightweight models are positioned above heavier ones to adequately distribute mass for vehicle stability and safe highway driving.

Protection from Shifting

Additional strap webbing, wooden bracing or inflatable air bags further restrict side-to-side and front-rear motion during abrupt stops, acceleration or turns.

Interior container walls, roof racks and trailer gates assist in keeping cargo properly aligned if shifting does occur on rough roads.

Unloading at Destination – Motorcycles Are Safely Shipped

Upon arrival, transportation crews precisely reverse the loading process when removing motorcycles from trucks and shipping containers.

They untie each securement point gradually to prevent unbalanced movements that could potentially topple or damage a classic bike.

Inspecting for Issues

Once on the ground, a thorough visual inspection checks for any new scratches, dents or fluid leaks incurred during transport.

Temporary repairs may be performed or parts replaced if problems are found before the owner accepts delivery. Any noticeable deficiencies are promptly reported.

Removing Shipping Materials

To complete the unloading, protective wrappings, padding elements and bracing pieces are meticulously dismantled and cataloged for future reuse.

Loose parts and components taken off beforehand are reunited with their corresponding motorcycles before handing over to satisfied customers.

Motorcycles Are Safely Shipped – Parting Words:

With careful adherence to standardized practices, experienced transportation professionals can reliably deliver vintage motorcycles safely to all planned destinations around the world. Their attentive loading and unloading methods shield classic bikes from transport damages so cherished collectibles arrive in as close to their original condition as feasible.