Shipping a car from one state to another can seem like a daunting task Ship a Car from California to Georgia. There are many factors that determine the final cost such as the method of transportation, distance, size and weight of the vehicle.

This article provides a detailed overview of the average cost of shipping a car from California to Georgia along with the different transportation options and factors affecting the price.

Transportation Options

There are generally three main methods for shipping a car from California to Georgia – by an auto transport company. Shipping the car yourself or riding along with the car.

Auto Transport Company

Using an auto transport company is one of the most hassle-free ways to ship a car between states. Professional car carriers are equipped to safely transport one or multiple vehicles across the country.

The enclosed car is protected from elements and damage during transit. Most reputable transport companies offer tracking of the vehicle online or through phone applications.

The average cost of shipping a car from California to Georgia with an auto transport company ranges from $1200 to $2500 depending on various factors.

Driving Yourself

For some, driving the car themselves may be more economical than paying for professional transport. However, it requires taking time off work, paying for gas, food and lodging during the long journey.

The direct cost is just gasoline but the hassle of the multi-day road trip and value of time needs to be considered. It is not a recommended option if the driver is not comfortable making such a long distance trip alone.

Ship a Car from California to Georgia – Factors Affecting Pricing


The overall distance between origin and destination has a major influence on cost. The one-way driving distance between California to Georgia is around 2,500 miles which leads to higher transport fees compared to shorter interstate routes.

Vehicle Specifications

Specification Impact on Rate
Size Larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs are more expensive to ship than compact sedan cars.
Weight Heavier vehicles incur additional fees since they require bigger transport trucks.
Value Transporting high-value luxury or classic cars warrants declared value coverage which increases the premium.

Time of Booking

Rates tend to be lower for bookings made a few weeks in advance compared to last-minute reservations. During peak seasons like summer, prices are higher than other times of the year.

Additional Services

Value-added services like expedited delivery dates, guaranteed winter storage protection or liability waivers are available for an extra fee. Choosing a bare minimum delivery option keeps the base transport cost lower.

Average Cost from California to Georgia

Based on industry data and customer reviews, the typical cost of auto transport from California to Georgia ranges between $1,200 to $1,300.

Transporting a mid-sized sedan in an open carrier falls on the lower end while larger vehicles or enclosed protection drives the rate higher.

Opting for a less urgent time frame and avoiding peak seasons keeps the budget lower. Factoring in additional services like early delivery quotes a rate closer to the higher threshold.

Ship a Car from California to Georgia – Parting Words:

Relocating a vehicle across long distances requires advanced planning and budgeting for transport costs. Hiring a reputable auto shipping company is usually the most cost-effective and low-stress method between going it alone or riding along.

Comparing quotes from multiple carriers while considering origin, destination, vehicle specs and desired service level helps secure the most reasonable rate. With typical fees falling within the provided range, budgeting $1200-2500 ensures smooth automobile transport from California all the way to Georgia.