Shipping a car to another state can be a cost-effective option if you are relocating or sending your vehicle across the country for sale. There are a few different transportation methods available for moving cars over long distances, each with their own cost considerations How much to send car to another state?.

This article provides an overview of the typical expenses involved in transporting a vehicle to another state using an auto transport company or shipping service.

Factors That Determine Pricing

Transportation Method

The primary factor influencing auto shipping costs is the transportation method. The three main options are:

  • Open Car Carrier – This involves driving the vehicle onto an open flatbed truck, where it is secured and hauled long distances overnight. It is generally the most affordable option.
  • Enclosed Car Carrier – The vehicle is hauled inside an enclosed carrier truck with multiple decks, protecting it from weather and debris. Slightly more expensive than open carriers.
  • Rail Transport – For long-haul trips, some companies offer shipping by rail. The vehicle is loaded onto secure flatbeds that are transported via train. More expensive than trucking but faster for long distances.

How much to send car to another state? – Distance

The cost per mile increases the farther the destination is from the origin point. Long-haul trips across multiple states typically have higher shipping rates than short trips between neighboring cities.

Vehicle Size and Type

Vehicle Effect on Pricing
Small Cars Cheaper to transport than larger vehicles
SUVs, Trucks, RVs Larger footprint increases price due to space needed
Exotic, Luxury, or Classic Cars Require specialized equipment and handling for a premium

Typical Auto Shipping Costs

How much to send car to another state? – Short Distance (Under 500 Miles)

Expect to pay roughly $200-500 on average for short-haul moves by open carrier. Enclosed transport runs closer to $300-650. Rates can fluctuate based on carrier demand and seasonal volume.

Medium Distance (500-1500 Miles)

For trips between 500-1500 miles, anticipate spending $500-1,000 on average. Enclosed transport remains $1000-1500, while open haul increases to $700-1,200 due to additional driving time and fuel costs incurred by carriers.

Long Distance (Over 1500 Miles)

For lengthy interstate relocations beyond 1500 miles, costs range from $800-1200 depending on equipment selected and precise origin-destination route. Rail transport may be comparable in price to open trucking at these extended ranges.

How much to send car to another state? – Additional Fees

Most companies charge modest fees for arranging transport, taxes, permits, and mileage over the estimated quote. Toll charges and waiting time surcharges may also apply in some scenarios. Verify all potential fees upfront before booking to avoid undisclosed costs later.

Getting Auto Shipping Quotes

The best way to get an accurate price estimate for shipping a vehicle between two states is to request bids from multiple transport companies.

Reputable carriers can be found through online transportation marketplaces that let you enter specifics like pickup/delivery addresses, dates needed, and vehicle details to obtain competing quotes from pre-screened auto haulers.

Always check carrier credentials, insurance coverage levels, and customer reviews before deciding on a transporter.

How much to send car to another state? – Parting Words:

While auto shipping costs can add up for long-distance relocations, working with experienced carriers is the safest and most affordable option compared to driving yourself or using other transport methods like towing.

Knowing typical pricing brackets based on trip length and vehicle type allows budgeting appropriately.

With a few online quotes from certified haulers, you can find competitive rates and arrange dependable door-to-door transportation for your auto move between states.