Are you planning to relocate or purchase a new vehicle from afar, but the thought of calculating auto shipping costs gives you a headache? Worry no more! Our free online calculator makes it easy for you to estimate how much it will cost to ship your car. Say goodbye to the guessing game and hello to convenience with our user-friendly tool. Keep reading as we show you step-by-step how our calculator works, plus other valuable tips on auto shipping.

What is the most cost effective way to ship a car?

When you’re looking to ship a car, there are a few factors that you need to take into account. The most cost effective way to ship a car depends on the weight, size, and destination of the vehicle. Here are four examples of how to calculate your auto shipping costs using our free online calculator:

1. Weight and size: First, you will need to determine the weight and size of the vehicle. This can be done by entering the make, model, and year of the car in our online calculator. We will then give you an estimate for how much it will cost to ship the car.

2. Destination: Once you know the weight and size of the car, you will need to determine where it is going. Our online calculator allows you to choose from several destinations around the world.

3. Shipping method: Next, you’ll need to decide which shipping method is best for your vehicle. There are several options available, including truck, rail, air cargo, and water freight. Each has its own set of costs and benefits that must be weighed before making a decision.

4. Insurance: Finally, always ensure that you have insurance coverage for your vehicle while it is being shipped. This includes uninsured motor carrier (UMC) insurance as well as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Coverage (LDC) insurance if your car has a glass window or other fragile item that may be damaged during shipment

What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

If you’re looking for a company that will ship your car for the cheapest price, then you should consider using a shipping company like U-Pack. U-Pack offers competitive rates and is known for providing high-quality service. Plus, if there are any problems with the shipment, U-Pack is always willing to help out.

To get started, enter your vehicle information into our free online calculator. This will give you an estimate of the cost of shipping your car. You can also compare prices and find the best option for you by using our search engine. Once you’ve found a suitable shipping company, be sure to contact them to make arrangements.

What time of year is it least expensive to ship a car?

The best time of year to ship a car depends on the location and the type of vehicle. Some automakers have suggested shipping in the fall or winter due to lower temperatures that can help preserve your vehicle’s finish. Conversely, summer is often considered the most expensive time to ship because of heightened demand and higher shipping costs. Use our free online calculator to get an estimate for your specific situation.

How can I ship less expensive?

Shipping your car can be expensive, but you can dramatically reduce the cost by calculating your auto shipping costs beforehand. Our free online calculator can help you figure out exactly how much it will cost to ship your vehicle, and it provides information on both standard and heavy-duty shipping options.

If you’re planning to ship your car using a standard carrier, our calculator recommends that you pack your car as gently as possible to save on packing and shipping costs. also offers tips for packing a vehicle for shipping.

If you’re opting for heavy-duty shipping, our calculator recommends adding an additional $1,000 to the total cost of shipping your car. This is because heavier cars require more expensive transportation methods and equipment. In addition to our online calculator, also offers a variety of heavy-duty shipping options that can accommodate almost any car size or weight.

How can I ship more cheaply?

When it comes to shipping your car, there are a few ways to save money. One way is to calculate your auto shipping costs with ease using our free online calculator. You can also Compare Auto Shipping Costs Before You Buy to get an idea of the best price for shipping your car.

Another way to lower your auto shipping costs is to ship your car in large shipments. This will minimize the amount of packaging and handling that your car must go through, which can lead to significant savings. Additionally, choosing a carrier that offers flat-rate shipping can help you save even more on auto shipping costs.


• Allows customers to get a rough estimate for shipping costs for an item.
• Helps shoppers save money on shipping by providing accurate estimates.
• Allows customers to compare shipping rates from different carriers.
• Provides estimated shipping times for different carriers.


• May not be suitable for items with high shipping costs or oversized items.
• May not provide accurate estimates for international shipments.
• May not provide estimated shipping times for international shipments.


1. What is an Auto Shipping Rates Calculator?

Answer: An Auto Shipping Rates Calculator is a tool used to calculate the estimated cost of shipping a vehicle from one location to another. It takes into account various factors such as distance, type of vehicle, weight, and other variables to estimate the cost of transport.

2. How accurate is the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator?

Answer: The accuracy of the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator depends on the accuracy of the data entered into the tool. It is important to be as accurate as possible when entering your information in order to get an accurate estimate.

3. Is there any way to save money when using the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator?

Answer: Yes, you may be able to save money by finding discounts or promotions available through some auto shipping companies. Additionally, you can save money by choosing the most cost-effective route for your shipment.

4. What information do I need to provide in order to use the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator?

Answer: In order to use the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator, you will need to provide information such as the origin and destination addresses, the make and model of the car, and its approximate weight. You may also need to enter additional information such as special requirements or discounts that you qualify for.

5. Can I get an exact quote using the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator?

Answer: No, the Auto Shipping Rates Calculator is only able to provide an estimated quote based on the information provided. The actual cost of shipping your vehicle may vary depending on various factors.


1. Automatically calculate shipping rates for customers with one simple click.
2. Instantly determine cost effective shipping rates for any shipment, regardless of size or weight.
3. Easily add multiple packages to a single quote and access multiple carriers to ensure accurate and competitive rates.
4. Generate accurate shipping quotes for multiple carriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL.
5. Automatically apply discounts, taxes and other fees to any quote.
6. Access real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers to ensure customers get the best rate.
7. Ability to compare different shipping options, including speed and cost.
8. Automatically generate labels for any shipment.
9. Track shipments in real time.
10. Automatically generate delivery confirmations and shipping notifications.